“The Long Ride”- A Romantic/Erotic Story

My longtime girlfriend at the time and I loved to travel. It wasn’t uncommon for us to get an urge and hop in the car and be in another city by the time the sunset on the day.  We shared countless moments of spontaneous adventure. Some of our drives were as memorable as a picture being tattooed to walls of our brains. Others were less than worthy of repeat.

Our adventures have left us in dangerous situations. Being stranded on a rural highway in a less than desirable part of a state or city to watching a truck overturn right in front of us, we have seen some things.

This random Saturday we decided to take a trip to a state fair a city over.  It was about a 2 hour drive. As I drove with the windows down and the crisp fall air flowed through the car as we played some of our favorite 90s R&B, she was leaned over with her head on my shoulders. It was about as picture perfect as it could be. The night was full of cotton candy, funnels cake and rides that made us giddy like high school kids. It was how our relationship was built. A foundation of friendship and laughs.

As we stood in line for a ride, I felt a slight tug on my sleeve. I looked at her and she gave me a subtle nod to follow her. We exited the line to my surprise. “What’s wrong? We just got in line?” I said.  “I want to fuck you” she replied.  The shock that painted my face was priceless. “Uh ok.”  I said.

She had such an animistic sexual aurora to her. She was calculated like a lioness hunting her pray. She knew exactly how to get me riled up to the point of no return. I tended to be more conservative in my approach at times. I was always willing to do things out the box, but at times I needed a push and she knew how to give that push.

Standing to the side of the roller coaster, slightly hidden by the railings. She put her hand on my shoulder as she reached under her skirt. She slid down the panties she had on and placed them in my hand. “I said, I want to fuck you.” She said with a smirk and started to walk away. With a look over her shoulder to make sure she could see me watch her walk away.

Walking towards our car, I slowly followed her through the crowd.  As she dipped in and out of the crowd, she would turn and make eye contact with me routinely to make sure I saw the look in her eyes.  The biting of her lips would accompany her head turns. I would give her a smirk back as I slowly trailed her.

A rush of kids released from a popular ride clouded my vision of her. I scanned the area to try to locate her. As the crowd cleared, I could see her standing there with her hands on her hips. She had a thing for flair and dramatics.  She motioned for me to come on with her finger. “Come on.” She mouthed.

As we reached the car, she turned back at me as she leaned on the door. She grabbed me pulling her in close to her to give me a long passionate kiss. She took my free hand and placed it under her skirt coating my fingers with the waters from the river between her legs.  I took a long gasp. Then she pushed me away and walked around to the other side of the car and got in. “This is going to be a long drive” I thought to myself.

As we drove on the long and dark highway, no words were spoken. But I felt like we were having a full conversation. Her hand would skim over top of my thigh randomly. It was small, but had a big impact. Her knowledge of me was deep and she knew exactly what she was doing. She was like a puppet master and I was her puppet. Her small movements were like a skilled assassin after its target. She was driving me to a moment.

She started to slide her skirt up, exposing her smooth thighs. She tugged at her shirt, widening the cleavage of her shirt. The t-shirt was slightly ripped on the collar. Each tug she gave, ripped it slightly more.

She knew my love of her breast. She knew it was the final straw.

I pulled over on the lonely highway.

She smiled. It was her plan all along. We haven’t seen another car for almost 30 minutes. Late night ride was about to get a lot more interesting.  I exited the car and grabbed her from the car. Leaning her up against the door, similar to earlier, I began to kiss her passionately. I ripped the already torn cleavage exposing her breasts. They spilled out the well-fitting shirt. I gripped them tightly as we continued to kiss deeply.

She unbuckled my pants and grabbed a hold of me. Hard as could be. She lifted her skirt more and I pinned her up against the car as her legs straddled me. We grinded intensely, as I was becoming soaked from the river. I swam and navigated into the waters with ease. Smoothly stroking.

She bit my ear and moaned intensely in my ear.          

Placing her on the hood of the car, still hot from the engine running, I bent her over the hood of the car. It was playing out like an well written movie, with me as the lead and her as my co-star. She backed into me with a feverish push.  “Do it.” She said. I knew what she was talking about. She was reading my body and my mind. Withdrawing from her, I erupted on to her. Painting her….

She reached back and started to rub it into her skin. We returned to no words being spoken. I dressed myself and she cleaned up and sat back in the car.  She leaned against my shoulder as we drove and fell asleep.

The ride home was a relaxing one. Again the music filled the car, accompanied by smooth sounds of a 90’s quiet storm. As we reached her apartment, I gave her a nudge to signal that we were home.  “Am I supposed to walk in there with my titties out? You ripped my shirt.” She said. “You need to walk me in.”

The puppet master said with a grin. Knowing full well what would happen if I went inside.

The ride would continue…..